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Service Prices

Prices will vary based on the details of your unique order. Please keep in mind that smaller elaborate cookies may cost more than a larger, simple design. Time, size and details will all be taken into consideration when providing your final quote. 

The examples provided below SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED A PRICE QUOTE.

Splitting flavors is possible for an additional cost, 4 Dozen Minimum.

Tier 1 Cookies

starting at



4 icing colors plus black and white

Tier 1 includes:

Simple designs. Stenciled or limited writing . Includes marble dipped, edible pen details, simple shading and splatter paint. Airbrushing and minimal gold paint. 

Tier 1 Examples

Tier 2 Cookies

starting at 



 5 icing colors plus black and white 

This tier includes: 

Detailed designs, hand piped writing, hand  painting, airbrush designs, hand shading, and gold paint. Wet on wet floral, watercolor, monograms and florals are available. 

Tier 2 Examples

Tier 3 Cookies

starting at



minimum of $4.50 per cookie

7+ icing colors 

This tier includes: Characters. X-Large cookies. Elaborate hand piped texts and intricate designs. Extensive shading, detailed painting and extensive gold lettering and details. This cookie tier also includes large, detailed florals 

Tier 3 Examples

Payment  Policy

Orders will require a minimum of 20% down to hold your requested date. Pre-orders/flash sales require 50% down. We ask that you pay the balance of your order 7 days prior to your chosen pick up date. Orders cancelled within 7 days of pick up date will result in loss of deposit.

Currently we do not ship, all orders will be picked up in Portsmouth Virginia. Delivery MAY be available at an addition cost.

After confirming your order you will receive an invoice via email with the all the details above as well as a break down of your custom cookies. 

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