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Let’s get your order request started!

Please include a few important details in your message:

1. What is the date of your event and when do you need to pick up your order?

2. How many cookies do you need?

3. What cookie and icing flavor would you like? Do you have any allergies?

4. Do you have any inspiration photos? We would love to see them! (You can copy and paste them from online or Pinterest) Not sure what you want? Your invitation can be a great start or check out our gallery for ideas.

5. Please give us a detailed description of what you would like your custom cookies to look like. Include important details like the kind of event, your color choices, the age and name of child or bride to be, any sayings you would like included, special characters or logos etc.

This form is your REQUEST for an order. After we check our availability we will confirm your order and then get your invoice out to you. Thank you so much for your interest in our delightful bites! We will be in touch soon.


J+E Delightful Bites 

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